About us

About us

We love what we do.

Everyone deserves to feel like they can smile confidently and express themselves to their fullest, but for many people in the past, highly expensive aligners and/or lifestyle reasons meant that traditional orthodontics weren’t a realistic option.

By partnering with dental professionals, eliminating historical cost barriers and leveraging off technology, we help our providers change lives and create confidence through Active Aligners.

If your dental professional isn’t yet a provider, we’ll personally guide them through our process to help them give you a straighter and healthier smile.

Not sure what Active Aligners are?

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Why seek clear aligner treatment through a dentist?

Orthodontic treatments require professional supervision. Additional dental procedures (below) may be required, which only your dentist is able to provide.

IPR (Interproximal Reduction)

Buttons (Attachments)

Dental Check-ups (Oral Health)

IPR (Interproximal Reduction):

A regular orthodontic procedure where a small amount of tooth surface between teeth is polished to create space. This can fix crowding or alter the shape of teeth. It is mainly used to stop patients from having an edge to edge bite.

Buttons (Composite Attachments):

Small amounts of composite are bonded to teeth to give the clear aligners force or traction. This allows the aligner to rotate and move teeth more actively.