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Clinical Mentorship Programme

“Change your patients’ lives and practice revenue profiles for the better.”

Clear aligners are often considered straightforward for patients to use and Dentists to deliver. However, getting started in a new treatment area can be challenging. Active Aligners was created for Dentists, by Dentists and our clinical mentorship programme will make taking your first step into this treatment area less daunting and demystify the often confusing world of clear aligner provision.

What is the Clinical Mentorship Programme?

  • 4 live webinars with experienced clinicians
  • Designated clinical mentor for 1:1 case advice
  • Peer led discussion
  • Build your confidence
  • NO case commitment
  • FREE access to Digital education platform

4x Live webinars with experienced clinicians

Clear aligners: what’s all the fuss about?
  • Key drivers for uptake of treatment
  • Achieving a ‘better’ smile 
  • Attracting clear aligner patients 
  • Staff motivation 
  • The business case
Case selection and clinical considerations
  • How to identify cases likely to succeed
  • Which cases should we avoid
  • Compromised outcomes and how to deal with them
  • IPR demystified
  • Composite attachments and how to place them successfully
Treatment process and the digital workflow
  • Capturing quality clinical records
  • PVS impressions vs. digital scanners
  • Case submission via the digital platform
  • Reviewing the treatment plan and the virtual simulation
  • Boosting case acceptance
  • How to involve your team
Fitting, monitoring and troubleshooting
  • The fitting appointment
  • Review of helpful resources
  • Face to face vs. remote monitoring
  • Troubleshooting tips and tricks

What is your commitment?

You’ll only need to commit to 1 hour per week over a 4 week period to join in with our live webinars. You will also be given FREE access to our ‘on-demand’ digital education platform. There is no case commitment and no charge for this programme.

Application form:

We love what we do.

At Active Aligners, we partner with dental professionals, to provide a cost-effective solution that leverages technology to help our providers change lives and build (or rebuild) confidence.

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