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Unlocking the smile revolution

September 21, 2023

Unlocking the Smile Revolution: Why Now Is the Ideal Time to Offer Active Aligners in Your Dental Practice by Dr…

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AI in Dentistry

May 3, 2023

AI and machine learning will not put health professionals out of business; rather, they will make it possible for health…

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Take a good impression

February 24, 2023

“The results of any case are based on a good quality, correctly executed impression or an accurate digital intraoral scan.“…

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Composite Attachments made easy

January 19, 2023

Join Dr Dan Shaffer (Clinical Director, Active Aligners UK) composite attachments made easy: Placement method Flexible vs. rigid templates Regular…

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IPR made easy

January 14, 2023

Join Dr Dan Shaffer (Clinical Director, Active AlignersUK) IPR made easy What is IPR? Risk management How to perform IPR…

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For Dentists by Dentists- So what?

January 12, 2023

Insights from the Active Aligners clinical support team What makes us different?  Active Aligners is set up for dentists, by…

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How clear aligners offer opportunities in a growing market

November 5, 2022

How clear aligners offer opportunities in a growing market As market data suggests that clear aligner sales will continue to…

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Top Tips-Troubleshooting Clear Aligners

November 3, 2022

Click here for 50% first case discount Troubleshooting Clear Aligners – Top Tips Clear Aligner treatments are a valuable and…

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Case Selection for Active Aligners

October 24, 2022

Case selection for Active AlignersDr Dan Shaffer  & Dr Wayne Hirschowitz

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Case Selection (3 of 3)

September 28, 2022

If a case is too challenging for clear aligners, do you really want to manage the situation where your patient’s…

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