Why Offer Active Aligners in My Practice?

Why Offer Active Aligners in My Practice?


Consumers increasingly interested in looking good and feeling better highlight a medical aesthetics business boom in 2018 and the trend doesn’t look to be slowing down.

The driving factors behind this growth include technological advancements, an aging population and an increasing consciousness among individuals with respect to their physical appearance. Until recently facial aesthetics only concentrated on appearance lifting and medical treatments that helped people to improve facial appearances which makes people feel more confident and satisfied. There are various methods to reach this demand, including facial surgery, injection, minimal invasive face-lifting, etc.

Enter Active Aligners, until recently, a smile was one of those treatments deemed expensive although highly wanted, but historically aligner prices were sky-high, veneers even more so and traditional orthodontics weren’t even considered as lifestyle played a big part in choice (who has time for 20 appointments needed for traditional ortho visits over 2 years or wants be in high-profile meetings with braces) 

Active Aligners are helping providers be busier than ever, it allows the provider to affordably straighten a patient’s smile (current average 6 months) and then do composite bonding or veneers on only the teeth requiring it (usually overly triangular teeth / adults that have tooth wear), which is leaving patients with great overall smile outcomes with total costs that they can afford and are willing to pay. 

Active Aligners our Providers and Teeth, – The final frontier in facial aesthetics is here. 

Our online course (here) touches lightly on the Align, Bleach and Bond concept. 


In the dental profession, the most common way to increase revenue is by seeing more patients and/or charging higher fees. Time comes when more patients simply can’t be seen, it is either physically as well as mentally tiring or you have maxed the capacity of your practice. Medical Aid / Health Insurance coverage and or, a competitive landscape creates difficulty when it comes to increasing patient fees.

Increasing revenue has historically been tough and often complex, as training, learning as well as teaching staff has not been easy. What usually lands up happening is many try saving their way to a better bottom line. 

Not so long ago, most advanced procedures were the exclusive domain of specialists, but modern technology has brought advanced treatment choices to Dental Professionals.

One such procedure “Active Aligners”. This type of addition to a practice has several advantages: 

  • Patients are excited and looking for this procedure (greater demand)
  • Not every dentist is providing this treatment (less competition), 
  • Affordable / Costs over International brands (higher customer acceptance).
  • Patients have more time, traditional orthodontics over 2 years as many as 20 visits. 
  • Support and quick Active Aligner  Replacements (patient service)
  • Quicker than traditional, 6 Month average treatment time. (happy patients)
  • Predictable results, clincheck and smile summary (movement philosophy)
  • A large benefit of Active Aligners is increased overall patient spend, while seeing fewer patients and doing more dentistry that patients look forward to. (an all-round win)

Take the guess work out of it.

Some Dental Professionals are setting up their own dental laboratory to try innovate as well as compete with the direct to consumer ortho companies popping up everywhere, but moving from clinical services whilst trying to establish laboratory services brings about its own set of challenges.  – Let us take the guess work out of growing your practice !