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Join Dan & Wayne in conversation

Troubleshooting for clear aligners

The webinar will benefit dentists, orthotherapists and treatment coordinators engaged in or looking to initiate orthodontic clear aligner therapy.

It will help clinicians consolidate their knowledge, expand their clinical offering and build practice revenue.

Delegates will gain an understanding of the key problems that can impact success when taking on clear aligner treatment.

Dan and Wayne will discuss their top three issues and offer their perspective on problem solving. They will offer straightforward advice and demonstrate some sophisticated assessment techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • The importance of case selection

    • Why case selection is linked to outcome

    • Managing patient expectations and responsibilities including retention

    • Maximising the value of the treatment plan.

  • Issues impacting treatment success

    • Techniques to avoid problems with attachments

    • Getting IPR right from the outset

    • Regular monitoring to track tooth movement

    • Responding when teeth have not tracked as planned.

Why Use Active Aligners?

Drawing on the results of thousands of clear aligner treatments, Active Aligners has established treatment planning protocols to enhance the likelihood of treatment success. An expert team of orthodontists and technicians help to establish parameters to aid you in your case selection. 

What this means for you is that if a case is deemed as too complex or unlikely to succeed, the treatment plan will come back as a rejection or be flagged as predicting a compromised result.

Our aim is to help clinicians achieve successful results. That’s why the company ethos is:

“For Dentists, By Dentists”

with a caring and conscientious know-how that is beyond compare.

We will support you directly, respond to your queries and even provide training in your practice.