Digital presence

Did you know that over 80% of patients find their dentists online. 

Your website, social media, marketing and all forms of presenting yourself have to line up. When patients google: dentist, orthodontist, clear braces, crowns, veneers etc – do you come up in any of the searches? The internet is the modern day phone book!

Through our partnership with Zigzogaloo productions we have the ability to help you across the digital stack and enable your practice to thrive.

Digital Presence

Clear Braces and Active Aligners digital presence for modern practices

Your Digital Presence

If they can’t google you, they never going to find you! We know what it’s like to be in your practice all day, from first thing in the morning through till the last patient leaves, then you still have all your practices admin, staff training, treatments plans etc to go through. 

Our partnership with Med-Connect allows your practice and you as a doctor a digital presence and marketing arm for the modern patient era.

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Digital Marketing by the Numbers: Stats, Demographics and Facts.

Below are a few highlights as to why your website, social and digital presence needs to be a priority.

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    Highest daily users – Facebook and Instagram 

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    Top 5 social media platforms in business

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