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Here are a few things to consider:

  • There is growing interest in clear aligners amongst teenagers and adults.
  • Less than 1% of adults are undergoing orthodontic treatment.
  • 70% of patients might be candidates for clear aligner treatment which is a non AGP treatment that is easy to initiate.

Clear aligners provide an aesthetic alternative to traditional braces. As long as patients follow important wear and care instructions, their treatment will typically be quick. The result: happy, smiling patients and increased referrals from friends and family.

The financial success of your practice is based on the ability of you and your team to deliver increasing revenue. Finding ways to grow is critical. 

Initiate clear aligners

Using Active Aligners to drive practice revenue is an easy way to achieve a good ROI. It provides a new revenue stream with a product that is highly sought after, straightforward to prescribe and perfect for cross-selling to many of your patients. 

Active Aligners focus on clinician driven care at a price that will surprise your patients and brings the opportunity to:

  • Initiate treatment with a strong margin.
  • Use split packaging to help facilitate payment in installments.
  • Manage practice visits using the accessories kit to help monitor progress. 

Showcase investments in care

I have been committed to digital dentistry for many years and rely on my Intra Oral Scanner (IOS). A patients’ first experience with an IOS has the potential to change their perception of a visit to the dentist. They engage more fully with you and get more involved in their care. They can leave with the sense of having had the best treatment.

Utilising an IOS and becoming an Active Aligners provider makes it perfectly simple to improve your patient’s smile and reinforces how your investment can benefit them. Active Aligners are clear, removable and comfortable. They showcase modern technology that will move teeth effectively, enabling you to deliver treatment at a price that your patients can afford. All helping to make your practice stand out. 

Staff utilisation and motivation

Engaging your team is a core part of any successful practice. Help them to learn about aligner therapy or consider treating a team member with Active Aligners. They increase their knowledge or can showcase their new smile to potential patients. If you have an IOS, investing in training can create opportunities for team members to scan patients. A motivated workforce combined with Active Aligners promotions in the practice could result in more patients being scanned, greater patient awareness of their oral health and an increase in practice revenue.

Develop practice marketing

How you present your practice to your patients is really important. People need to know about you and your team, so tell them. Use your patient database to communicate via email, create a practice profile on social media and make your website work to your advantage. Showcase your team and your practice.

As an Active Aligners customer, your free marketing support materials include: 

  • Promotional video with bespoke practice logo.
  • Iimagery for your practice website.
  • Pre-prepared email and social media content. 
  • 3D demo model and Active Aligners patient brochures.

Ethical upselling

In most practices, generating revenue from your current patient base is going to be more cost efficient than finding new patients. It is important to see the continuum of any care pathway and all its financial implications. All Active Aligners treatment must start with healthy dentition. Once teeth are straight there is the potential to discuss whitening, or the patient may ask about other treatments i.e. bonding/whitening. Ethical upselling can enhance profitability and drive practice growth.

To drive increased revenue in your practice, contact us and start your Active Aligners journey today

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