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Active Aligners Accreditation

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8 lessons
5 quizzes
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Active Aligners Accreditation

Delve into the highly popular world of online orthodontic aligner education. Join us on a journey through the basics to enable you to provide successful clear aligner treatments within your dental practice.


This course is comprised of five sections:

  1. Introduction to clear aligner therapies
  2. The Digital platform
  3. Patient treatment
  4. Clinical considerations
  5. Patient cases

Watch the video content for each section and answer a short quiz at the end of each section. Explore the supplementary handouts to give more in depth knowledge where indicated.

When you have completed all of the quizzes with a pass mark of 80%, you will be sent your Active Aligners CPD Accreditation certificate within 24 hours.

Please click here to access the course.


Please get in contact with us via our website if you have any problems accessing this course or need technical support.

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Dan is an experienced dentist who has a passion and flair for all things digital. His dental practice, a private digital restorative practice in Hertfordshire, is well respected in the area by patients and dental professionals alike.
He manufactures the vast majority of dental restorations in-house and also runs a full service dental laboratory.

Being a registered technician as well as a practising dentist gives Dan a unique insight into technically demanding cases both from the laboratory and clinical points of view.

He has a wealth of experience in NHS, private and community based dentistry. He has taught as a clinical teacher at Guy’s hospital, London in the Prosthodontics department for six years. He is a keen advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation in medical fields.

Dan believes that dental care in its modern form is most certainly team care. He encourages all members of the team to gain valuable skills within their scope of practice to enable them to reach their full professional potentials.