We make smiles perfectly simple


We make smiles perfectly simple.

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Our team of educators proudly work to create the kind of content that will help support you and your teams within your clinical environment.

Accreditation course

Delve into the highly popular world of online orthodontic aligner education. Join us on a journey through the basics to enable you to provide successful clear aligner treatments within your dental practice.

This course is provided free of charge by Dr Dan Shaffer to help practitioners gain confidence and practise safely.

User Guide

This user guide is useful to share with patients who are embarking on their Active Aligners journey. It summarises the key messages that a clinician will instruct their patients with.

If you are a provider who wishes to streamline your instruction communications, this could be useful for you or a member of your team to utilise to great effect.

We offer a variety of educational and infotainment formats for your learning advantage

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